Automating Hardware in Windows 7

For all of us desktop administrators out there, automation is the key to our success. Using Group Policy, we can automate the deployment of software, settings, printers, drive mappings and pretty much anything else for our users and computers. Hardware, especially roaming hardware, has always been a thorn in our sides.

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Connecting remotely using Remote Desktop

The process of connecting to a remote computer using Remote Desktop is pretty straight forward, however, there are some minor configuration settings that may prevent you from doing so. In this article we will go through the whole process so that all necessary steps are covered and a successful remote connection is guaranteed.

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Remote Desktop

One of the most useful management tools available for Windows users is Remote Desktop. If you need to log on to a distant computer as if you were sitting in front of it and perform some management tasks you can use the Remote Desktop functionality found in Windows 7 computers. Previous versions of Windows have this functionality but in this article we will focus on Windows 7 operating systems.

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