Benefits of Data Tiering

Data tiering or tiered storage strategies help organizations reduce the total storage costs. Costs can be reduced by separating data based on necessity and functionality. For instance, hot data that is frequently accessed by the organizations’ critical applications needs to be stored on fast storage devices while, data that is occasionally accessed can reside on slower and cheaper storage devices.

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Encrypting the Pagefile

In high-secure environments the Windows system pagefile may pose a risk to confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data. Sensitive data may still reside in the system pagefile which can be exfiltrated by attackers with the help of specialized tools. In such high-security scenarios, one would need to take the proper measures to safeguard systems pagefiles.

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Troubleshooting Offline Files

Although the Offline Files feature in Windows 7 is quite straight forward to set up and manage, it has its own problems as well! In this post I will discuss some common issues and their possible causes. The symptoms can range from files and folders not visible while offline, files not synchronized and slow sync speeds.

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