Product Review: PDF Watermark Remover

PDF Watermark Remover: Removes Digital Images, Stamps, Graphics, Logo

Watermarks are the digital signatures that approve that the document is the property of an organization, a person or any legal authority. Sometimes, it requires removing watermarks from the documents due to personal or professional choices. For this, PDF Watermark Remover is available as a commercial solution and its functionality and features are elaborated in the upcoming sections.


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Penetration testing tool for domain controllers

Smbexec is a tool that you can use for penetration testing domain controllers; the program allows running post exploitation for domain accounts and expanding the access to targeted network. This gives pentesters full access without any privilege requirement.

Latest release includes improvements so it runs faster and there are more options in configuration and a module that support file search. Using smbexec allows easily going through all machines on the network and collecting the necessary information such as the UAC configuration or other system settings beside where the domain administrators’ credentials are in use.

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EaseUS Todo Backup Product Review

Data Backup applications apart from being must-have utilities remain very popular with end-users in spite the fact that generations of Microsoft Windows editions have always provided backup tools that are integrated into the operating systems. So, why users do keep purchasing Data Backup Solutions? Simply, because independent software vendors such as, EaseUS manage to develop solutions that provide enhanced functionality and ease-of-use that Windows inbuilt tools may lack.

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BinScope Binary Analyzer

Microsoft and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) offer a wide selection of free tools, some come with a specific purpose and with no commercial aspects while, others are offered as a teaser to a paid version. However, a good tool whether it’s free or not can save the day of an IT Professional and it is my goal to share with you valuable tools as I am accustomed to do in the section titled Utilities on this blog. A free security-related tool designed by Microsoft to help IT professionals audit the security of applications is called BinScope Binary Analyzer.

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Free Microsoft eBooks

Eric Ligman, Director at Microsoft’s Partner Experience has compiled and posted an extensive list of technical eBooks. All eBooks listed are available online and can be downloaded for free. These can be used for self-training purposes or as a technical reference. Amongst the large selection of topics, eBooks include various solutions and technologies related to SharePoint, Visual Studio, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Office 365, Office 2010, SQL Server 2012, and Microsoft Azure.

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Using nvspbind to modify protocol bindings from the command line

In server core environments, the task of modifying and troubleshooting NICs protocol bindings may require the use of a tool called nvspbind which is available from MSDN here. However, the same tool can become very handy when you need to change the network binding order of network interfaces from the command line during the installation of Windows 7, and where the GUI tools are not yet available. Also, you can leverage the tool in environments where the default Windows shell (Windows Explorer) is replaced with other shells such as, command prompt, Windows PowerShell or custom built shells.

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Search for Strings within Executables

Search for embedded strings within binary files using the Strings command-line utility by Mark Russinovich. Executables and object files will many times have embedded UNICODE strings that you cannot easily see with a standard ASCII strings or Grep programs.  In combination with the Grep utility, Strings utility allows you to perform a search and find specific text such as, version numbers in binary files. It can also assist you in malware investigations such as, searching for URLs embedded within malicious binary files. However, the utility will not find any meaningful strings in compressed or encrypted binary files.

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Windows PowerShell

The scripting language PowerShell introduced in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 provides rich access to the above mentioned systems and later platforms, including access to security settings. Experienced Systems Administrators use PowerShell to develop management tools that are specific to their environment, hence, allowing them to tackle specific issues that may be unique to their organizations.

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Run a command prompt in the Local System context!

Sometimes you may need to run a command, especially when you are troubleshooting a problem that requires the System context to execute and return results. The Local System context, which is normally a protected layer for the operating system to execute services, can be accessed using a privileged service account called NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM or LocalSystem.  If a service running in the Local System context is compromised then your system is at risk!

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Registry Tools

If you are not tech savvy and find the Windows Registry Editor daunting then there are tools that can help you navigate through the registry hives and paths. Navigating to keys is pretty cumbersome but these third-party tools facilitate registry edits.

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