Improving text quality on your screen

The technology known as ClearType font on Windows systems makes text on displays easier to read. It is enabled by default on Windows 7 but to get the full benefit of ClearType you need a high-quality, flat-panel monitor, such as LCD or plasma.

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Your Hidden Windows 7 Trick (that also applies for Windows 8)

For all of you StarCraft players, can you still play a game without using hotkeys? Probably so but you would most likely get beat and would most certainly be slower. Hotkeys simply let you get to where you want to go faster! Wouldn’t it be awesome to have your own personal hotkeys in Windows 7?

Windows 7 reworked the taskbar and introduced this feature! However, I didn’t find out this trick until Windows 8. In the picture above, each program pinned to the taskbar has a corresponding number associated with it.

Outlook is the third pinned program on my Taskbar. Because of this, the hotkey number for Outlook is 3. So if I am just logging into my computer in the morning and want to check my email, I can press Windows Key + 3 to open Outlook! When I am ready to edit a GPO, Windows key + 5 will launch Group Policy Management Console.

Modifying Windows Error Reporting

If you need to configure how Windows systems behave when reporting errors, various Group Policy settings would allow you to modify the default behaviour. For instance, you can disable the display of error messages during critical errors.

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Always open All Control Panel Items when opening Control Panel

The default behaviour of the Control Panel view is to load the view selected in your last Control Panel session. If you need to change this default behaviour and force Control Panel to display all items upon loading then you can either tweak the registry or use Group Policy to set a default view irrespective of your last session modifications.

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Hidden secrets the average user doesn’t know about Windows 7

There are a variety of tips and system tweaks that can be applied to Windows 7 to offer better convenience and other useful features for the user. Tweaks range from easier access to files, the ability to incorporate an Internet search from the start menu and other option-settings for a quicker user-session.

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Encrypting the Pagefile

In high-secure environments the Windows system pagefile may pose a risk to confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data. Sensitive data may still reside in the system pagefile which can be exfiltrated by attackers with the help of specialized tools. In such high-security scenarios, one would need to take the proper measures to safeguard systems pagefiles.

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Replacing the Shutdown power button in Windows 7

If you lock your computer several times a day and find it awkward to go to the Start menu, hover over the tiny arrow symbol and click the Lock button, or find it irritating when hitting the Shutdown button by accident, then you can prevent this by replacing the big Shutdown power button with one that you use on regular basis.

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Disabling Windows Control Panel

Say, you don’t want other users to fiddle around with your system settings and would like to completely disable access to Control Panel for all users then you can achieve this by simply adding a new registry entry.

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How to Modify the Default IP Address of a Wireless Hosted Network

The default IP address of Windows 7 (and Windows Server 2008 R2) virtual Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) feature called Wireless Hosted Network is Although, this address is highly unlikely to conflict with other addresses that you may have configured on your network still, you may wish to change it to another value.  In order to be able to change this default IP address you need to modify a Registry setting as follows:

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