PSotD: Emailing Users When Quota Warning Met

If you have file servers, you most likely run user quotas. Not running quotas would allow users to quickly fill up the entire drive.

I didn’t really like the reporting features on the server so with a bit of PowerShell – I extended it:

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PSotD: List Computers that a User Logged in On

Because AD can be extended in so many ways (more on that soon!), you can store a ton of data for easy retrieval. For example, we write the last logged on user to the Managed By attribute in AD. This allows us to find out what computers a user has used.

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A Blazing Fast PowerShell Console

The faster things become – the faster we want things to become.

For example – PowerShell. On my machine, it takes about 5-6 seconds to be fully functional. Because I link PowerShell scripts into certain MMCs, starting PowerShell quickly is very important to me!

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Cleaning Up Home Folders with PowerShell

If you use home folders and/or folder redirection, you probably are wasting some space! When a user in AD is deleted, their documents will still remain on your server. To reclaim this space, we can use a very simply PowerShell script:

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Comparing Security Groups

Every environment has to deal with software upgrades. Sometimes, these upgrades can get messy. For example, we recently centralized on Adobe Photoshop Elements 11. We previously used a mixture of version 2, 4, and 6. Every site (22 in total) had software deployment security groups for each version. We needed a way to compare members between the new security groups (including nested groups)  and the old groups.

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